Parking made easy – and best of all, inexpensive

22 September 2021
Mohammad Dadkhah

When you find an easy and simple solution to tedious tasks, you can spend your time on what you are passionate about. That reality has become possible with smart parking solutions from Simplyture. They do not only make parking easy for those who run the parking area, but also for the guests who arrive by car.

It is easy when you hardly have to lift a finger

There was a time when operating a place that needed a parking area required cumbersome equipment with booms and vending machines that printed tickets. It required staff who had to fill the vending machines with paper and ink and be present if the technique suddenly teased and the booms would not run up and down.

Fortunately, all this is a thing of the past after you have had the opportunity to use smart parking solutions. The barriers and the tickets are gone and with it all also the hassle of the past. It is now possible to control the entire parking process electronically. With the new system, all number plates are registered by two cameras, which read both the front and rear number plate and register them in a system that the user can operate in several ways. The cameras have an almost 100% accuracy rate.

The parking guests have four different ways to pay for their parking. They can either do it online in advance before they even arrive at the parking lot. They can also choose to pay for parking on a stand that serves as an administration platform, where the guest finds his car by entering his registration number and finds his car and pays by credit card. Another option guests have is that they can pay for their parking on their mobile phone, or they can even choose to wait to pay until they have returned home via a link.

Opportunity for better service and greater earnings

Another new option you have with Simplyture’s smart parking solutions technology is that you have the opportunity to make an extra service so that the guests you choose can access the parking area outside the normal opening hours. It can even be done in several ways, depending on what best suits the specific parking area.

In addition, the new smart parking solution provides an opportunity to increase the number of customers who visit one’s website by up to 30%, as the opportunity to pay for one’s parking either before or after the visit is done via a link that is placed on the website. By having people still pay in via the website, you have the opportunity to make extra on-site digital marketing initiatives, where you can achieve further focus on new and existing products and services.

However, one of the biggest benefits of having smart parking solutions is that it provides a lot of walking costs and challenges to operate its parking area. All in all, it is a win-win solution, as costs fall, earning opportunities increase and at the same time, you can make it all appear as an extra service to your visitors. It must then be said to be a technology that one can only hope has come to stay.